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Media International has been a leader in building multi-platform brands in the health, leisure and fitness market since 2004. We have since grown to enter additional niche markets with the goal to educate, inform, inspire and engage niche consumer audiences.

What We Do

Our sites are designed with real people in mind. Our brands strive to engage our audiences through information sharing and collaboration via various popular mediums such as video, blogs, social media, eBooks, content creation, and Email newsletters.

Our Advantage

Media International is a global digital media company that is a leader in creating expert, premium content across the key consumer interest areas of; sport, writing, eBooks, fitness, online education, fashion, home, pregnancy and health.

Media International Digital Media Company Australia

Content + Commerce

Media International is an innovative business with a portfolio that contains some of the most recognised, trusted and powerful brands in the digital media space. With an extensive portfolio of nearly 400 key word rich domain names we are continually building and developing our network to attract new audiences. From our membership portal to our online magazines we connect directly with our niche audience.

Media International provides consumers with the quality content they demand and offers clients quality platforms to directly reach and connect with their target audience of consumers.

Global audience of readers, members & subscribers

Media international targets niche markets

Dominant portfolio of 400 + keyword-rich domain names

Building websites and communities since 2004

Membership & Subscription portals

eBooks & Online Education

Our Mission

We bring together & empower communities with the information they want to live life to the fullest.

Our Story

Media International is a company that was founded based on the knowledge that people want to connect with people of similar interests and source information for their chosen topic of interest. And we know that it is people that are the most influential creators and networkers for discovering and sharing information. We have created interactive platforms that provide people with a voice and a way to connect with like-minded people. We drive the idea that content should be accessible, engaging and informative for all consumers. Media International strives to drive the global digital content revolution by building out our network of niche websites and communities so it empowers our users, our members and our digital content creators to build a professional platform that provides our premium brand advertisers to connect with their target audience.

Brands in Focus

The Most Complete Online Exercise, Nutrition and Health Program When Planning for Pregnancy, During Pregnancy And Post Pregnancy! PregActive is all about the health of the mother because a healthy mother is so important to the development of a healthy baby and a healthy family. Our PregActive Pregnancy Exercise Programs are designed to provide YOU with the tools you need to live a healthy and quality rich life as a mother.

Online Tennis Coaching and Training Academy. Global Tennis Coaching is the web’s best resource for tennis coaches. We provide the largest collection of tennis coaching drills, lesson plans and tennis specific fitness exercises available anywhere. Most importantly these resources are specific and practical tools to help the coach deliver great tennis lessons. Our team has produced dozens of eBooks and 100’s of articles since 2004 to support our members.

At our goal is to help writers and authors realise their dream of successfully writing and self-publishing their eBook.  Our Free eBook Author Magazine also includes our Author Academy which will provide you with the up-to-date information, tips, advice and help you require to self-publish your eBook with confidence. We strive to help authors make better decisions when it comes to self-publishing an eBook.